About Us

RFL Group started its business in cast iron sector with the production and marketing of Hand Tube-well in 1981. Within very short time, RFL was established as a famous brand for quality products and technical skill. In addition to continuous addition of new products to its product line, it goes for major diversification and enters PVC Sector in 1996 and in Plastic Sector in 2003. At present it is market leader in all these three sectors- Cast Iron, PVC & Plastic in the country. Sizeable amount is also exported to different countries.
It is equipped with in-house R&D facilities to design and develop new products. A well organized own testing laboratory is used to ensure consistency in producing quality products. RFL has been awarded with BSTI Certificate and ISO 9001 Certificate for its strict compliance with the standard set by both the organizations.
RFL has become a benchmark for competitors on the lines of quality by manufacturing premium quality products to give clients excellent services and true value for money. The unmatched products have given a big name to the domestic market so much so that the name is accepted with trust and quality assurance the nation over. This is possible because the company is professionally managed and promoted by people who ensure that creativity is given full freedom to blossom and talent is nurtured in the company.
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